Plumkin Art

Plumkin Art

Limited Edition Art Prints By Plum Ovelgönne




A stunning West Sussex home


Singapore Flowers

Beautifully illustrated flowers create stunning additions to any wall

Singapore Flowers

Bright digital images of Singapore flowers

Singapore Flowers

Handdrawn in my tropical garden

Why Plumkin Art?

Artist - Plum Ovelgönne

I was Christened Victoria but have always been known as Plum.  Even before I was born!  Mum sometimes calls me Plumkin, and it has now become the name of my online gallery.

Ever since I was a young child I have had a passion for creativity and fine art.  I took up digital drawing when I moved to The Netherlands and it became a perfect no-mess artist tool while both renovating our house and spending my days in the company of our twin toddlers.  Since then my digital artwork has evolved and I feel very comfortable with it.  A few years ago I made a conscious decision to also return to painting at my easel, after all, the kids were no longer a hazard around wet paint!